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Business Association

The association was founded in 1999 and  since then we have grown into the most influential and numerous business association. We work to give our companies the opportunity to jointly solve important issues for the investment climate and improve it in favor of industry, society, the economy and the country as a whole.

Uniting more than 1000 companies, the Business Association is one of the largest business communities operating in the market.

The Business Association and its team are an experienced and high-quality GR-advisor for your company, it is an assistance in establishing partnerships with the government, it is a way to establish business ties with the best international and European companies. Among our members are leading companies that share the best values of doing business.

Our activities and areas of activity:

  • protection of the interests of foreign and domestic investors at the highest state level;
  • promoting cooperation between member companies and establishing close contacts between them;
  • assistance to enterprises, including PR opportunities;
  • providing member companies with comprehensive information about what is happening in the country and its regulatory field.

The Business Association helps businesses to cover the whole country through connections between offices located in Europe.

Among our advantages are the opportunities for first-class development of you and your employees - the best coaches and mentors will help to develop professional talents and grow in your career.

The Association actively promotes the development of cooperation between other countries.

The Business Association is more than just an association, we are a universal tool for business.

Mackenzie Coombes
Business Development Manager
I thank the company for successful long-term cooperation, for maximum involvement in my tasks, for generating ideas and attentive attitude. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff and high responsibility for the result, all my tasks are solved qualitatively and on time.
Luther Chavez
Business Development Manager
Pleasantly striking is the well-coordinated and professional work of the staff of this organization. My wishes are grasped literally "on the fly". Professional advice and tactful guidance.

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